Is your Club Fit for Purpose?

                      Is your Club really fit for purpose?

The Rotary GB&I Membership Development and Retention Committee agree that there is no single lever that will deliver this objective. It is clear that we have to recruit new members to established and new clubs and improve retention. The barriers to recruitment are often the reasons people leave. As we seek to raise our profile we must ensure that we are ready for the greater scrutiny that increased interest will bring. We must be ready to convert enquirers into members.

It is recognised that a high proportion of Rotarians have NEVER introduced a new member. What holds them back? Often people say that they have brought guests along to the club as potential members but they don't want to join. We hear the reasons as "I'm too busy just now" or something similar, express our disappointment and agree to try again later. But are we hearing the truth? Also are those Rotarians who claim not to know anyone to introduce really saying that they don't know anyone who would want to join this club?

Let's have a good hard look at the club

  • Is it fit for purpose?
  • Are the meetings enjoyable, lively, interesting & productive?
  • Are they such good use of time that members look forward to the next one?
  • Do we leave our meeting feeling that we have had an enjoyable time in every respect one that was so good that we would not have wanted to miss it?
  • Are all the members enjoying it?
  • Are all their expectations being met? If not, they will become "too busy with other things just now" and drift away.
  • Why not formalise a review of the club by asking the members for their honest views? Surely such a process can only improve the club and help it to recruit and retain members.

Your District 1100 Membership Team is ready to listen and help you.

Please contact Howard Small - District Membership Chair