Rotary helps launch Sharpness Lifeboat

The President and Rotarians of Cotswold Tyndale have raised the incredible sum of £8000 for the Sharpness Lifeboat replacement fund, and this was presented recently to the Sharpness Lifeboat Station.

The new Sharpness lifeboat which has been ordered, at a total cost to the organisation of £128,000, is to replace the aging primary lifeboat which will be taken out of service upon delivery of the new bespoke state-of-the-art lifeboat later this year.  The increase in size of the new lifeboat has identified difficulties in launching it as it will require its own dedicated launch cradle enabling the lifeboat to be directly launched into the Severn from the Keystone Slipway at the lifeboat station. 

President of Cotswold Tyndale Rotary, Derek Aston, decided to make this his charity mission and to raise the money required for the launch and, through an immense amount of time, effort, activities and hard work has enabled Cotswold Tyndale Rotary to make the donation. 

Geoff Dawe, Lifeboat Operations Manager at Sharpness Lifeboat Station, said “Raising sufficient funds on top of the build cost of the lifeboat and the funds required to extend the lifeboat station to accommodate the new lifeboat was extremely worrying and could have put the project on hold. However the generosity of President Derek and the Rotarians at Cotswold Tyndale Rotary Club have put the final piece of the project in place. This will serve as a front-line life-saving facility for those who find their lives in danger on the waters of the renowned tidal Severn. My thanks, and those of my crew, and on behalf of any casualties who benefit from this new lifesaving facility, go to the President and all Rotarians at Cotswold Tyndale Rotary.” 

For details of the Sharpness Lifeboat Station, which forms part of SARA (Severn Area Rescue Association) click here.