Membership Seminar on Satellite Clubs

What is a Satellite Club, why are they successful and how do you set one up? Come and find out - at The Gables Hotel, Falfield GL12 8DL

Several years ago, Rotary International accepted that a few changes were needed to reflect real life in the 21st Century, and that the club model which had developed over 100 years was not always applicable to modern ways. And so some flexibilities were proposed and passed through COL (Council on Legislation). One of these flexibilities has turned out to be remarkably successful.

At this Seminar, we will cover:

          What is a Satellite Club or Group

          Why is it so successful

          How do we set one up

          How to overcome some of the apparent difficulties

          What help is available from District.


Everyone who attends will be given opportunity to raise any points on this subject. Everyone will end with a clear understanding of the wonderful potential on offer.


Light refreshments of sandwiches and chips will be provided.


Please advise Membership Chair, Alan Hudson, if you would like to attend.