Ledbury Rotary helps school children

Are you using Community Chest to help your local school?

With a Community Chest grant awarded by Ledbury Rotary Club, the funds were used to purchase a variety of board games for pupils at Ledbury Primary School.

Teacher Heather Crowley explained that playing games provides pupils with the opportunity to learn a range of important skills. These include critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, ingenuity, problem solving as well as good sportsmanship. There are countless skills that pupils can develop through game playing, where they invest emotionally and intellectually in a board game project. As individuals, pupils gave an example of strategic and tactical thinking as they played chess, and in groups teamwork was demonstrated with a lively game of Connect 4.

Visiting the school, Rotarian Jan Long was presented with a sheaf of “thank you” letters written by the pupils who all remarked that they are enjoying and learning from the many different board games purchased with the help of Rotary.