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District 1100 : APRIL - JUNE 2021 (qtr4)  UPDATES Archive

28APR21 : District Forum & Business Meeting - 7pm

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26APR21 : District 1100 District Governor - newsletter (e-Conference Special)

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26APR21 : District 1100 e-Conference -  Streaming for 12 months

Further information available via WHAT WE DO dropdown menu or
click District e-CONFERENCE - Guide

24APR21 10:00 - 12:00

The focus of the Assembly is around next year's District 1100 theme "Know Your Community"
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11APR21 : District 1100 District Governor - newsletter

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Either TALKING POINT or Cheltenham Rotary VACCINE APPEAL

April 2021


District 1100 : JANUARY - MARCH 2021 (qtr3)  UPDATES Archive

31MAR21 : RI prestigious Service Above Self Award

Ray Sanderson of Royal Wooton Bassett & District Rotary Club has been awarded the prestigious Rotary International Service Above Self Award.  Please click HERE for further information

22MAR21 : District 1100 District Governor - newsletter

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17MAR21 : YOUTH MEETING DUE 25MAR21 CANCELLED moved to  08APR21 7pm

Proposal is to briefly discuss the survey feedback at the next Youth Workshop on 8 April.  

The evening will also include, as outlined previously, presentations about a number of opportunities offered by other partners to help develop such important skills that are offered by others. 

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Andy Jarrett - District Youth Lead


07MAR21 : District 1100 District Governor - newsletter

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Find out what's working for other clubs and get the latest news on youth activities

Andy Jarrett - 
District 1100 Youth Lead


Rotary Enewsletter "In Rememberance : Captin Sir Tom Moore", please click here


Appeal name change to Cheltenham Rotary Vaccine Appeal
(please see revised release information 11MAR21 above)

18FEB21 : "A Glimpse into the Future"

A presentation on Zoom by Nicki Scott, Rotary International Director.
Further information to be detailed in the February PI Newsletter

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01FEB21 : District 1100 District Governor - newsletter

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Rotary GB&I Carers UK Partnership

February 2021

So how can we engage in these disruptive times?

I would suggest that the majority of our Clubs are already doing so, perhaps without realising the wider positive implications.

Donations to Food Banks and other community outlets providing meals, is one way.  These donations, passed on to needy families, not only provide nourishment, they also alleviate the worry of not being able to do so, thus lessening tension and possible conflict.

Refuges, whether for the homeless or those needing a safe place away from an abuser, are other ways.  Providing reading material for children, or computers for school work are two more.  Anything that can help individuals and families be less anxious can help aid Peace and prevent Conflict. Thank you for all you are doing. 

Joan Goldsmith (District 1100 Peace and Conflict Resolution lead)

21JAN21 : Membership Development in 2021 - forum 7pm 

"Building Inclusive Clubs in D1100" further information, click here for AGENDA 
"Membership Development Grant 20-21" click here for INFORMATION and APPLICATION FORM

15JAN21 : Create your own Graphics & Post to Social Media -  seminar 7pm

‘How to Meeting’ with Mary Adams and Andrew Pippen on Facebook and Canva. 
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10JAN21 : District 1100 District Governor - newsletter

Please click January Musings COVID to view letter from (DG) Chris Firth

07JAN21 : Youth Services - next Workshop 6:30pm

The evening will include an opportunity to share best practical, answer requests for help, provide some ideas for working with organisations other than schools and to identify what the needs of young people are.  

 Registration in advance required - REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED

Read the Summary Report from this D1100 Youth Workshop

06JAN21 : Annual National Newsletter from KidsOut 

  Read the report here
 Annual Rotary KidsOut Newsletter 2021 

District 1100 : OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2020 (qtr2)  UPDATES Archive

23DEC20 : District 1100 District Governor - newsletter

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07DEC20 : District 1100 District Governor - newsletter

Please click November Musings to view letter from (DG) Chris Firth

01DEC20 : District 1100 Public Image & Communication - newsletter

Please click (PI NEWS (issue 3) to view letter from (PI Team) Bernd Langheim

19NOV20 : District Forum 7pm

Linda Clarke (district lead) will be talking about the need to create a network of club ambassadors, President Hagop (Rotary Club of Beirut Cedars) will update on progress and talk about future needs, also normal business to go through (Approval of Annual Accounts, DG update, other updates) but the focus is growing community impact at home and overseas.
Please click for the AGENDA (
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12NOV20 : The 4th Tri-District Workshop (7pm)

You are invited to this online 'Seminar on Membership' via Zoom
Registration in advance required - REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED 

05NOV20 : District 1100 District Governor - newsletter

Please click October Musings to view letter from (DG) Chris Firth

01NOV20 : District 1100 Public Image & Communication - newsletter

Please click PI NEWS (issue 2) to view letter from (PI Team) Bernd Langheim

30OCT20 : District Officer Notice  -  CORRECTION

Please see the correction for the "Advice to Clubs for Christmas Activities during Covid-19 Pandemic

  • Be aware that you will not be able to control a crowd formed in the street when the excitement of the Sleigh drives children and adults outside of their homes
To view the full document please click District Officer Notice

29OCT20 : Rotary District Youth Forum Workshop

The workshop will be conducted via Zoom on-line at 7pm on the 29th of October

After a general introduction / catch up the evening will be primarily in two parts

- a discussion about the way forward with competitions especially Youth Speaks - A Debate and Young Chef
- breakout groups to allow attendees to share what is working for them in respect of youth activities and support they are looking for

If you wish to include other specific topics, please let Andy Jarrett [District Youth Lead] know by the 22nd of October 

If you wish to include other specific topics, please let Andy Jarrett know by the 22nd of October

Registration in advance required - REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED

14OCT20 : Mercy Ships (Rotary Brochure)

Please click Mercy Ships to view the Rotary brochure following the announcements of the new Global Mercy as the largest ever Global Grant of $1.125 million. The grant is supplying essential medical equipment for this new and revolutionary vessel. 

To book a Zoom talk for your Club and to find out more about the incredible work the amazing volunteers do, please go toevents.mercyships.org.uk or call 01438 727800

06OCT20 : Modern Slavery - Online Community Festival

With Anti-Slavery Day fast approaching on the 18th October, join Unseen for its flagship free Community Festival. Community groups like yours are doing incredible work across the country, raising awareness and donations to put an end to modern slavery. Learn what modern slavery looks like post Covid-19, connect with other likeminded community groups, and hear how your community group can adapt in this new world. 

For further information please view the Online Community Festival

If you or anyone else you know is interested in attending please contact Bob Handley (Bob.handley@hilldene.com)

02OCT20 : Rotary Shoebox Scheme

Cotswold Tyndale Rotary will be delighted to supply boxes to any club in the district who wish to use this scheme to help promote Rotary in their area. For just £2 this covers the cost of the box, getting it to you, collecting it and distributing it to E.Europe. it is a wonderful way of making contact with local schools, churches, Tangent groups etc introducing Rotary to them and helping a wonderful cause.

As Cotswold Tyndale hold a stock of boxes we can supply you with as many as you need and can help with providing them on a “ Sale or Return” basis. 

For more details contact Derek Aston (derek@astons.info) for details on how this scheme can help your club. Why not have someone from Shoebox join your next Zoom meeting

02OCT20 : TRI-District Workshop - online 7pm to 8:15pm

The subject is "building a relationship with Facebook" - an informative and entertaining workshop on how to make the most of this tool, speaker Sam Cross.

This subject is very relevant as we enter the next stage of guidance for Rotary meetings. We know that we are not able to hold face to face meetings until the end of this year at least and it looks as if this will extend until April 2021.  So we will need to use all the social media tools we can to keep our presence visible.

Registration in advance required - REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED

29SEP20 : District 1100 District Governor - newsletter

Please click SEPTEMBER MUSINGS to view letter from (DG) Chris Firth

District 1100 : JULY - SEPTEMBER 2020 (qtr1)  UPDATES Archive

28SEP20 : District 1100 Public Image & Communication - newsletter

Please click PI NEWS (issue 1) to view letter from (PI Team) Bernd Langheim

22SEP20 : "Leaders with Vision" D1100 Team Recruitments

Can you use your skills to guide the District into the next decade?
D1100 needs Leaders with Vision to help take the District forward

Do you have the drive, energy and enthusiasm to help?
Take a look at the Recruitment Pack for vacant posts information

Interested in becoming a District Team member?
Download/complete the D1100 Officers Nomination application form, obtain approval/sign-off from your Rotary Club and forward your application to the Assistant District Secretary (Colin Hunt: shirley-colin@tiscali.co.uk) no later than 6th November 2020

10SEP20 : Membership Development Initiative

How would you like some financial support to help increase membership?

In the 2018 -19 Rotary Year, the District 1100 Council agreed financial support to Clubs (working individually or in groups) for events, projects or activities that support membership development and growth.

The 2020/2021 Rotary year is the last of the 3 years agreed by the District Council and at present significant funds are available.

Read the full information release about the Membership Development Initiative
Download the 20-21 Grant Application Form

31AUG20 : Rotary Club of Beirut Cedars - Overview Report

On the 4th of August Lebanon witnessed a human tragedy. At least 171 deaths, 6,000 injuries, $4.7 billion in property damage, and an estimated 300,000 people homeless.

Rotary Club of Beirut Cedars is TAKING ACTION, click to view their "People of Action" Overview Report

31AUG20 : Tri-District Workshop "CROWD FUNDING"

D1100 working with D1200 (Somerset and Wiltshire), D1150 (South Wales)

Registration in advance required - REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED
If you have any questions about this event please contact Mary Adams (maryadams@hotmail.co.uk

30AUG20 : Beirut Port Disaster Situation Report


The Lebanese Government Response Plan aims at saving lives; providing immediate basic assistance to all affected people; restoring life conditions in the affected areas and implementing a national recovery plan including health, economy, education, social and environment sectors 

Click Situation Report (rel 30AUG20)  for further information

25AUG20 : The World Health Organization Declares Africa Polio-Free

Peter Wells District EPN Lead has sent me this wonderful news - 

Hi Everyone!

It is uplifting to hear good news about defeating a virus!

Rotary has played its part though much of the Limelight has been focussed elsewhere by the Media.

Thank you to all our Club members, past and present, who have given so much support to this campaign by Rotary and to me personally over the years.

That we must continue is true but today you can reflect with a smile on the lives you have helped, children and adults, from every corner of Africa and indeed the World.

Thanks again,


Click to view article in Time Magazine and a Rotary information release covering the good news and Rotary's role

25AUG20 : World Polio Day is on 24 October

Message from Chris Firth and Peter Wells  - 

We both hope that you are planning events within the restrictions of current COVID guidelines.  In the past clubs have painted prominent buildings in purple lighting, run events with small bears, sold purple crocus badges and given out crocus bulbs to local causes and amenities, as well as many more innovative activities.

I hope we can continue the creativity of promoting End Polio Now to the wider public and will be delighted to promote what you are planning and to a wider audience.

The National Immunisation Day event that Linda and I took part in was one of the most uplifting and inspiring events in our life and we saw at first hand the power of Rotary.

Thank you for all you have and are doing to support End Polio Now and reminding the world that Rotary was one of the co-founders  and has played a full part in the campaign the last 35 years. 

21AUG20 : District 1100 District Governor letter

Please click AUGUST MUSINGS  to view letter from (DG) Chris Firth

District 1100 : JUNE 2020 - HISTORIC Archive

Welcome to Rotary District 1100

We are people of action in District 1100, making a difference in our communities in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Bristol, Swindon and parts of Monmouthshire, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Our very lively District has 63 active clubs and almost 1,800 members, all serving their communities and having great fun at the same time. We pride ourselves on having a diverse membership: men and women, young and senior, from different walks of life, nationalities and faiths all serving together and with common values.

So, if you are looking to have fun meeting new people and getting actively involved in your local community, there is an increasingly wide variety of options. These can include attending traditional club meetings to enjoy friendship, listening to stimulating speakers on topical issues and assisting local or international humanitarian projects.  

Interested in finding out more? 

New members are always welcome and, with the unique character of each Rotary club, the opportunities are limitless.  Our clubs meet either for breakfast, lunch, in the evening or even at the weekend.  So what are you waiting for?  Start your Rotary journey today by contacting your local Rotary club. 

District News

Rotary Pledges Support for Carers in New Partnerships

Carer Support Wiltshire are delighted to announce that Royal Wootton Bassett & District Rotary Club have chosen to support unpaid carers by selecting them as one of their charities for the year ahead. Read the full media release here.

Through COVID-19 and beyond

Despite the unprecedented situation we are currently experiencing, it has been heart warming to see the impact that Rotary is continuing to have in our communities and the connections which members are both maintaining and creating in these challenging times.

As a member of one of the world's largest humanitarian service organisations, you are able to experience a range of significant benefits as part of your subscription. Something that volunteers at other organisations do not have the opportunity to access.

We are committed to adapting the services we offer to members during the COVID-19 pandemic to suit your needs, while continuing to provide the essential support and infrastructure you need to make a difference.

Click here for just some of the ways we help you do what you do best.

District 1100 Assembly 2020

To view the recordings and associated documents from some of the sessions look at the relevant dates under Completed Events.

District response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Managing Anxiety and Stress in these COVID-19 Times

If we are to build emotional resilience in times of stress and unusual behaviour patterns, such as the current COVID-19 Lockdown, we need to focus on five areas. Find out more.


The Rotary Club of the City of Hereford demonstrates how Rotary can really help the local community in a time of crisis - read about it here

Zoom Meetings

Safety Tips for online meetings have been provided from the Rotary Support Centre, Rotary Committees/Teams and other Rotarians for their Clubs and Districts, and are now offered to other members who may find them useful when hosting or participating in meetings.

In addition, Rotary District 1150 in South Wales has created and supplied its own helpful guide for your use.

Bill Gates continues support for End Polio

Rotary and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have just announced the extension of our fundraising partnership. The Gates Foundation will continue matching donations to Rotary’s PolioPlus program 2-1, up to $50 million every year. Watch the announcement video here.