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District 1100 : UPDATES ARCHIVE 2020-2021

District 1100 : JULY - SEPTEMBER 2021 (qtr1)  UPDATES Archive

17SEP21: RGB&I Disaster Bulletins & Newsletter - Tahiti Earthquake

Update on the situation in Haiti from RGB&I, please click on the documents below
Bulletin (September), Bulletin No.4 (August 23) and Newsletter September 13)

Willem Pietersen
District Secretary

09SEP21: Community & Economic Development (online 5pm)

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07SEP21: Public Image Workshop - "The Right Tools Help" (online 6pm-7pm)

The above is so true and to help clubs Andy Jarrett will  be outlining some of the many tools that are available to improve public image
. (The room will open at 5.50pm to allow a prompt start)

To join this one hour workshop, please book in advance by clicking REGISTRATION

The latest PI Newsletter is also available, please click AUGUST to view

Andy Jarrett
District 1100 PI Lead 2021 /22