How do you and your Club manage disputes?

It is expected that disputes between a Club and members of that Club will be resolved by the Club, at Club level, in the spirit of fairness and transparency. It is expected that only in exceptional circumstances will any dispute need to be escalated beyond the Club.

Within Rotary, disputes are categorised by the parties involved, and three such categories are: 

  • Disputes between Club members, between Club Council and members, and between the Club and third parties,
  • Disputes between a Club and District, complaints against District officers (excluding DG and PDG), and disputes within the District team,
  • Complaints concerning past or current Officers of RI or Rotary GB&I.

Disputes between Rotarians and within the Rotary family are governed by the Rotary GB&I Constitution and By-Laws. By being a member, a Rotarian is deemed to consent to the processes and procedures provided for.

Sometimes it helps that a third party can inject objectivity into a dispute which might otherwise be a very introverted discussion. A Mediator, being neutral, can help to create a structure or basis of discussion leading to a positive way forward; the Mediator will meet with the parties concerned and will always treat discussions in confidence.

If you and/or your Club is involved in a dispute which you would like to resolve with help from outside your Club, please contact either of the two qualified Mediators in D1100: 

              Tony Hughes, Bristol Breakfast RC,

              Tony Hadfield, Nailsworth RC,

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