Rotary Meeting Melanie King Rowing across the Atlantic

Wed, Jun 21st 2023 at 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Talk by Melanie King on how she rowed across the Atlantic

Two British women attempted to make history as they set out on a 3,000 mile journey rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. Annie Januszewski (left), 40, and Mel King (right), 37, are looked to break the record for transatlantic travel by an all-female crew. The record was 75 days, but the pair were looking to do it 70.Among the challenges ahead for the women are 35 foot waves, days rowing for over 15 hours and of course, sunstroke and burns. 

Annie said: “I’ve just turned 40 but I’d like to get it straight that I’m not going through a mid life crisis. I know it’s going be the hardest thing I’ve ever done and boy, is my bum going to suffer.”

The team left the Canary Islands, as part of the Atlantic Rowing Race 2009 and hoped to reach Antigua in February. They were the 7th all-female crew to attempt the crossing.

The trip wasn't just for the two women though, when they reach Antigua they raised over $50,000 for the MacMillan Cancer Support charity.

“I have always, always wanted to do something of this magnitude and what could possibly be bigger than rowing the Atlantic and setting a world record?” Annie said.