Mar 2017 40,000 Purple Crocus Corms planted for Polio

Thu 10th November 2016 at 09.00 - Fri 30th June 2017 - 23.00

a huge effort by the 4 Cambridge area Rotary Clubs to support the Purple 4 Polio Fundraising Campaign and enhance Cambridge City Open Spaces too


November 2016 - a group of willing Rotary volunteers gathered to start on the planting of 40,000 purple crocus corms - all 4x Cambridge Rotary Clubs took part - What an Effort !

Huge thanks goes to the City Parks Department who have really got behind this project.

The current Purple 4 Polio Fundraising Campaign is a drive to raise money for the Worldwide Eradicate Polio Campaign. and to raise awareness of the successes so far - what was 145 endemic countries with millions of children suffering paralysis and life long disability we are now doem to TWO countries !

Sponsor Us ??

If we can raise just 10p a corm we will raise enough to make a real difference, click below :

We MUST maintain the momentum or the years of effort so far will go to waste - Keep It Going !

March 2017 - See the beautiful results as the flowers bloom this Spring 2017 - Queens Green near Silver Street Bridge , Nightingale Close and the Hospice.

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