Trees in Memoriam

The Rotary club provides you with the opportunity to plant a tree in memory of someone or to commemorate a special event/occasion


The Rotary Club of Harrogate invites you to purchase a Tree in Memoriam either in memory of someone who has died or to commemorate a special occasion, birthday, marriage, new baby, family etc..

The Scheme works as follows:-

The Rotary Club of Harrogate purchases trees, on the Stray and elsewhere, from Harrogate Borough Council. This allows members of the general public the opportunity of having a tree as a living memorial which can be purchased from the Rotary Club of Harrogate at cost price plus a small administration fee of £5.

The Council use the money obtained from tree sales to enable them to plant more trees. The Council will also replace, free of charge, any dead or damaged trees during the first few years of existence. Where there are older trees, which cannot be replaced because they would look out of place, then an alternative is usually offered, though this is a rare occurrence.

The tree can be dedicated to one or more people, and this is then recorded in a Book of Remembrance, which is kept at the Pump Room Museum near the entrance to the Valley Gardens. We also record in it the name or names of those donating the tree.

Once we have sold a few trees in a particular area we arrange for a Service of Dedication, which is normally held on site. A member of the clergy conducts this, and the donors, relatives and friends are invited to come along and join in the service. Usually this is held on a Saturday morning between May and October and, where possible, we try to give several weeks notice of the event to enable people from away to attend should they wish to.

Locations of the Trees that are currently available:-  

Milton Way – These are the well-known Cherry Trees, which are being replaced near the Prince of Wales Roundabout.  They cost £113 each, but they will normally have a bit shorter life span than most of the other trees on offer.

Empress RoundaboutGranby – These trees are in front of Granby Court on The Stray. There are some larger trees at £155 and more mature trees at £230, with a line of trees running alongside Skipton Road up to Claro Road from the first junction after the roundabout. Those still available are Lime and Alder. However we have sold all the newer smaller trees.

Forest Moor Road – These are all Lime trees at £80 situated on the right hand side as you travel out of Harrogate towards Knaresborough. There is a group of six first and another of seven, with the seven trees being nearly opposite the Nursery. Some remain for sale.

Knaresborough Road – Christ Church Stray – We have available some trees on the second line at £225. These are mainly established Lime.

Wetherby Road – Slingsby Walk Stray area – These trees are situated on the second line from Slingsby Walk going towards the Empress Roundabout and vary from relatively new Red Maple at £105, Horse Chestnut and London Plane at £225, and a rare Cut Leaved Beech at £280.

West Park Stray – There are six trees opposite West Park United Reformed Church leading towards Montpellier Hill, comprising two Oak, three Lime and a Sweet Gum tree all priced at £150. Six further Limes at £150 are due to be planted in the near future.

Montpellier – Eight Lime trees have been planted in the Byron Walk part of Montpellier about half way down the hill on the left hand side. Three of these have been reserved leaving three priced at £150 and the two larger ones at £250.


If you are interested in purchasing a tree at any of these locations, or would like a leaflet on the new CO2 Car Emissions Compensation Scheme, please use the contact form below and reference your enquiry "Trees in Memoriam". You will then be sent plans of the sites in which you are interested. Once you have selected an available tree (they are sold on a first come basis so it is sometimes useful to have an alternative) you should telephone and reserve the tree.

You will be asked to write and give details and full names of the person or persons to whom the tree is being dedicated and, where appropriate, their date of death. You will also be asked to give the details of the donors whose names are to be put into the Book of Remembrance.

Please note that the names will not appear in the Book of Remembrance until all the trees in a particular area or section have been sold as it is impossible to estimate how much room each entry may take.

With the details for the dedication, we will ask you to send a cheque for the appropriate amount to "The Rotary Club of Harrogate".

Over the 30 years that the scheme has been running more than 900 trees have been bought and dedicated.

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