Technology Tournament

Annual competition between local schools

Technology Tournament - This one day event is usually held in February each year and is open to teams of four 13-14 year old students. It provides a fantastic opportunity for students to use team-building skills to solve a design and technology problem as well as practicing oral, written and graphical communication skills. In the past the challenges have involved designing and building a battery powered vehicle to crawl along a pipe and clear debris from it and designing and building a vertical takeoff launcher capable of launching a ping-pong ball high into the air. Last year, pupils built flashing beacons. We do not yet know what the challenge will be each year but, if previous years are anything to go by, it is always a great day for everyone involved.
In addition to the benefits students will gain by being part of this event, all participants will be eligible to apply for a British Science Association Bronze CREST Award.

 We normally have about 12 teams from local schools. In addition there will be two teams of six teacher