Paul Harris Fellows (public)


Rotary Foundation and Paul Harris Fellows

The Rotary Foundation, created in 1917,  is a not-for-profit corporation that supports the efforts of Rotary International to achieve world understanding and peace through international humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange programs. It is supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world.

In many countries Paul Harris Fellows are individuals who have contributed more than $1000 to the Annual Program Fund, the Polio Plus Fund or the Humanitarian Grants Program of the Rotary Foundation are recognized as Paul Harris Fellows. In this country individual Rotary clubs award Paul Harris Fellowships to individuals in recognition for service to the community or to the Club.

Members of the public awarded Paul Harris Fellowships by the club
This page outlines why the Rotary Club of Cambridge awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship to non-members of the club.

This link will take you to the chronological list of all the Paul Harris Fellowships awarded by this club.

Gillian Perkins
24 June 2012

Gillian has been a leading light on the Cambridge music scene for many years.  Having worked for BBC Radio 3, the Performing Right Society and Eastern Arts, she founded the Cambridge Music Festival and directed every Festival until 2010. 

In retirement she still enjoys her music, being a member of the New Cambridge Singers, a trustee of the London Mozart Players, the Ouseley Trust and the King's Junior Voices.

Gillian was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship in recognition of her enormous service to Cambridge music and in particular for her help to the Rotary Club of Cambridge in giving much needed advice and assistance when we staged the Children's Christmas Carol Concert in 2011, and later in May 2012, the Help for Heroes Concert, both held in the West Road Concert Hall.

Dr Carrie Herbert
25 May 2010
Carrie is the founder and inspirational CEO of Red Balloon, the Cambridge based charity that provides care and education for children who have been bullied at school. The aim is to return the young people into mainstream education, and she has been so successful at this that new centres are opening all over England, the latest, in the north east, by one of the youngsters helped by Red Balloon.

Vladimír Skalský

14 December 2006
Vladimír Skalský of the Rotary Club of Prague-City has contributed significantly to further the aims of Rotary by arranging for our and other UK Rotary Clubs the conversion and free use of a web software which his company, Euneco, has developed for Rotary Clubs in the Czech and Slovak Republics. This has enabled our club to very quickly develop a website that, apart from serving as a useful administrative tool, is also an excellent way of making the wider public aware of the ways Rotary addresses various community and international service needs.
By making him a Paul Harris Fellow we acknowledge his continuing interest and support without which our and other UK Rotary Clubs wouldnt have websites which are widely recognised as being second to none in the United Kingdom.

Richard and Joan Howlett
7 November 2006
Richard is manager of Jimmy's Night Shelter and Joan is manager of the Tenancy Support Team.
In the winter of 1989/90 Joan Howlett started as a volunteer in the temporary Winter Night Shelter at St Andrews Baptist Church and the next year became a paid member of the team and them Richard also became involved and committed to helping the homeless.
The death of homeless Jim Dilly under the arch of one of Cambridge's bridges in 1994 prompted Rev Tony Barker (now an Honorary Member of our club) and Richard Howlett to convert its derelict basement of The Zion Church in East Road into a shelter for the homeless and Jimmy's Night Shelter opened its doors in October 1995. Yesterday JNS celebrated its 11th birthday, and Jim Dillys name is permanently remembered.
As Richard and Joan near retirement it is fitting that the club awarded them Paul Harris Fellowships in recognition of their wonderful achievement in developing Jimmy's during the last 11 years into a shelter which is considered to be one of the best run in the country as well as developing the Tenancy Support Team, currently helping 35 people to move on from Night Shelter dependency towards independence in rented accommodation away from the shelter.
See    Jimmy's Cambridge

Paul and Jane Bain
30 September 2006
Paul Harris Fellowships were awarded to Paul and Jane Bain for the selfless sacrifice they had make to further the work of Emmaus in the UK. They gave up promising careers to devote their lives to helping the homeless in Cambridge starting as volunteers at the formation of the Landbeach Emmaus Community in the early 1990's and were the obvious choice as leaders when the community opened it doors.
For the last 16 years they have spearheaded the development of this 30 companion community. It has a range of workshops, extensive warehousing facilities and an impressive retail shop. Emmaus Cambridge is the model that all subsequent Communities in the UK have emulated. The community is self sufficient gives about 65,000 per annum to supporting new fledgling communities and is a financial supporter in the work of Jimmy's Night Shelter. Their lives are perfect examples of `Service above Self'.
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Sam Alper
2 May 2000
Sam Alper of Chilford Hall was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship in 2000 by the club for his part in the club's 1999 project to find and send nearly 200 serviceable caravans to earthquake areas in Greece and Turkey with the help and encouragement of Crown Princess Katherine of Yugoslavia through the charity Lifeline.
The club decided to invite Sam to Honorary Membership of the club in November 2001 so that he could enjoy the fellowship of our meetings, which did many times until his death in October 2002.
(Sam Alper is also remembered by older members for his part in the provision of 30 caravans the club arranged to take to an earthquake area in Italy in 1982 when he was  MD of Caravans International. He had been responsible for the design of the 'Sprite' range.)