Family of Rotary

Wed Jul 2nd 2014

Rtn. Rosemary Twidale,our Family of Rotary Officer explains what she achieved in 2015-16 and what her plans are for 2016-17.



Our achievements






Rosemary Twidale

The Rotary year began with the Service of Dedication held jointly with the Inner Wheel.  The President's barbeque was very well attended by our members and also those from the Inner Wheel and Rotary Club of Holmes Chapel.

Many members of our club went to the Inner Wheel Strawberry Tea in July and the Annual Overseas Luncheon in October.  At Christmas we only had one lunch this year, at the Market Tavern.  This proved to be very popular.  Many partners also attended our Valentine's lunch.

Throughout the year we have had frequent visits from Honorary Members and members of the Inner Wheel.  Many were at the Lions Youth Brass concert in July and many also participated in different ways at the Swimathon.  They were invited to specific events but were also kept in touch with our activities by Crosstalk and our website.  John H and Bal do excellent jobs with these. 

There have been many outside visits to places of interest organised mostly by Bill C and also outings on Stuart's Mystery Trips.  These have proved very popular, both with Cub members, partners and guests.

Where possible, cards have been given to Club members for significant birthdays, wedding anniversaries and hospital stays.








The Family of Rotary includes Honorary Members, partners of deceased Club members, members of the Inner Wheel and members of other Rotary Clubs.  The new town Mayor is invited to become an Honorary Member for his/her year of office and to talk at a Club meeting.

Members of all these groups will be invited to the Service of Dedication in July and the President’s barbeque in August.  They will be invited to, and kept informed of, Club activities such as the Lions Youth Brass band concert in July or August and our Christmas and Valentine’s lunches.  They will also be kept in touch with other club events by Crosstalk.

Copies of Crosstalk are sent to members of the Family of Rotary either by email or hard copy, thanks to John Higgins, and they can also keep themselves updated with our website.

Cards will be given to Club members for significant birthdays and wedding anniversaries, also serious illnesses and hospital stays where possible.



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