Inner Wheel Club of Sandbach

President Ginny Lewis giving the Christmas message.

Club correspondent Lalita Unnithan writes about the activities of the club during November and December 2015.



9th November ,

President Ginny Lewis, invited Deborah  Darnes  and Karen Foster, members of  Sandbach Methodist Church  to speak about Food banks.

Started   in St. Mary’s in Arizona USA, Food   Banks, now exist in thousands in the world. Loss of income to support families   arises from a number of reasons, ill health due to   physical or mental, leading to loss of jobs or unable to work. Some have no money left to buy food after paying bills and rent. The years 2010 -2013 has seen a rise in the need for the Food banks

Sandbach Food Bank was set up in April 2013 by Debra and   Karen  (Churches  Together). Food Banks serve many needy  people  referred by agencies and  certain rules apply .  Referral rating  in Sandbach  is low compared to some other areas.

After the talk Gill Merry thanked the speakers and members handed the food parcels that they brought along with them.

16th November

Inner Wheel held the Christmas Coffee morning .There was good attendance, it was a venue for friends to catch up on news over a cup of coffee. Along with the ever popular home made cakes stall, there were   St Lukes   hand made cards, stallsl for jewellery and fresh flower arrangements and Gwen’s teddy bears.

           It is also a time for donating some of the money we raised during this year. To receive the donation, there were representatives from the Parkinsons Appeal, Royal British Legion, NSPCC, St. Lukes Hospice Cheshire, and Salvation Army.

The raffle   went well and prizes were cheerfully won by some lucky winners.

7th December

A change of scene for our end of year, Christmas   Meeting, it   was held at St Mark’s Church Shavington, this is also where our President Ginny conducts services. It was a lovely setting with a manger and a crib. It was   entertaining, poems read by President Ginny, Judi Baxter and Gillian Merry highlighting the significance of the festive season, as well as funny ones. We also had a surprise, when Father Christmas arrived and made us laugh when he invited ladies to sit on his knee, Judi, Carol and Maureen accepted the invitation!

10th December

President Ginny Lewis and four members also attended the District Meeting and lunch at Bramhall .District Chairman Diana Ayres and her committee members produced an enjoyable afternoon of lunch and entertainment .The District Choir was excellent .This was followed by the meeting.

15th December

A few members of our club went carol singing to the elderly residents of St. Stephens Nursing Home in Elworth. We were warmly welcomed by the staff. We sang carols requested by the residents,  accompanied on the piano was Rotarian John Higgins,  poems too were read by President Ginny Lewis, Gill Merry and Judi Baxter. There was  festive food of mince pies and cakes, pastries and cups of tea. We wished them  Merry Christmas and A Happy New year.

Our past active   members, who no longer can join us at regular meetings were not forgotten and on the 17th December, Maureen Williams visited Joyce Jennings  at her nursing home to convey her our warm wishes for the festive season  and some of us also went to the home of Kath Hovey  and spend sometime with her enjoying a chatter and mince pies and cups o f tea.

Lalita Unnithan (Club Correspondent)