Speaker meeting Brig (Retd) Martin Roberts OBE Subject: Sailing with Colin

Thu 10th November 2016 at 13.00 -


Ship Ahoy! 

At our regular club meeting held at the Railway Hotel on Thursday 10th. November it was like turning the clock back to 2004 when I first became a Rotarian. The place was buzzing and there was an air of excitement as members and guests moved around the room talking and exchanging pleasantries. 

This was partly down to the extra numbers, Speaker secretary Colin Davies had a full table of guests and we also had President John's guest and soon to be new Rotarian Dr.Joe Skaria, and partly down to the excitement of hearing our speaker from the Little Ship Club which Colin frequently talks about.

Retired Brigadier Martin Roberts OBE gave us such an enlightening and enthusiastic view of sailing around many different parts of the world that it is no wonder Colin is so eager to join him each year for a stint of crewing. 

Martin had many photographs to illustrate his talk and it came as no surprise that many of them featured Colin who displayed another side to the normally soberly suited and respectable member of our club. Colin's display of colourful shirts, elegant shorts, fashionable sandals bare legs and a variety of jaunty headgear was a sight to behold. It should be pointed out that at some point all of the guests from the Little Ship Club appeared in the photographs as they form part of the tight knit group who love to join Martin on different legs of his trips.  They are a fun group who enjoy each other's company, love the odd tipple and have that special camaraderie and healthy look of fellow seafarers.  

Thank you Martin for such an entertaining talk and thank you Colin for inviting your skipper and friend to lift the curtain on another side of your life.

Above story/editorial was provided by fellow Rotarian & club member

George Larkey