----- Speaker meeting Mr Ian Davies, MA (Oxon), FRSA -----Subject: Brentwood School 19th January 2017

Thu 19th January 2017 at 13.00 -

Ian Davies, MA (Oxon), FRSA


On Thursday 19th January we had the pleasure of listening to the Headmaster of Brentwood School, Ian Davies, who is only the 10th. Head to have the position since 1852.

Ian spoke of his interesting career path from qualification through the state education system before moving into the independent sector leading to the headship of Brentwood School 13yrs. ago.

He is a most likeable and articulate speaker who comes across as a caring and enthusiastic teacher with a passion for developing the minds and aspirations of young people.

The history of the school which has been in evidence for some 500 years was also most interesting and more information can be found on the Home page of the school web site.

The school which has well over 1000 pupils aged between 3 to 18years is academically and socially very sound and once again the web site explains much more clearly than I can possibly do in a few short sentences.

I should imagine it is a pleasure to attend and teach in such a well established and highly regarded school and I wish everybody at Brentwood continued success.

George Larkey.