Day of adventure

20 pupils and their teachers from St John's CEP had an adventurous day at Petty Pool Out Door Centre, near Northwich.


                                    AT PETTY POOL!


The sun shone and the pupils and teachers smiled when they reached Petty Pool. The Head Teacher Rob Whittle and teachers Clive Norbury and Rachel Durber and 20 pupils from the St John’s Church of England Primary School, Sandbach Heath joined in the activities of adventure led by Lee, Phil and Lorraine from Petty Pool. I watched the boys and girls gain in confidence and the following lines came to mind:







I was impressed by the way the pupils listened to the instructions and helped each other, particularly those who looked worried! They clambered up the wall, swung on the zip-wire and balanced on the crates, before the tower of crates tumbled down and the climbers were left swinging safely from the safety-rope.

After lunch the pupils were divided into 2 groups, one did archery and the other orienteering, before switching around. The activities are designed to develop physical and leadership skills. Orienteering involves map reading, but also the need to move quickly from point-to-point.

Lunch, provided by Petty Pool, gave an opportunity for all to relax. The conversation flowed over a variety of topics. It was a joy to witness the quiet laughter of the boys and girls.

When I look at the photographs I notice that the safety-ropes, under the close supervision of the staff, are held by the children. This helps to develop team-work.

I enjoyed the day and I am sure the pupils and the teachers did. The conduct of the pupils was exemplary. They showed team spirit and leadership qualities. The day was well-worth Rotary financing.

Rotarian Adrian Ramsden