Mystery Tour

Thisi is the 9th Mystery Tour Rtn Stuart Blackwell has organised and as previous ones every one who went on the trip thoroughly enjoyed it. This report is by Rotarian Mike Garratt.

Mystery Trip No.9


  9.50 am Tuesday 11th October. A cool but sunny morning for the intrepid Rotary trippers and their guests gathered on Sandbach Station waiting for the 9.57 to Manchester. 

  The train arrived on time and, after boarding, conversations started to flow, Soon came Stuart’s message, “We get off at the next stop, Stockport.  We will be there for a ½ hour coffee break and then board the 11.01 for Buxton”. Wot? No time for coffee at Stockport MacDonald’s? How will we cope?

  It was quite cosy in the station buffet (the “Refreshment Room” in the days when tea urns were allowed) and the most popular drinks were cappuccinos and lattes.

  We then assembled on the platform and the secret of Ginny’s scooter was revealed.  Dave just pressed a button and the whole thing folded up and Dave just lifted it onto the train. Amazing!

  Bernard could not be with us but had donated a bag of Liquorice Allsorts to sustain us.  They were very well received and we expressed our gratitude to him in his absence.

  We now headed off to Buxton, passing through spectacular scenery and arriving at 11.51 

  Stuart then took us to a very quaint and delightful café for lunch after which we were able to amble around Buxton in the rain until we met at the bus stop at 2.15   Richard was there finishing an ice cream – but he is a growing lad after all.

  The bus was slightly late but the driver made up the lost time by a spectacular display of driving, at speed, up past the Cat & Fiddle and round all the sharp bends down to Macclesfield. The lady driver is undoubtedly destined to be a star Formula One racing car driver.

  Off we walked, across the road to Macclesfield station, to catch the train to Cheadle Hulme where we changed trains to go on to Wilmslow and then again to board the train to Sandbach.

Rtn Mike Garratt