Celebrating Christmas

Rotarians and guests enjoying the Christmas lunch and fellowship at the Market Tavern on Wednesday 21st December.

Christmas lunch


Well I should really have been shopping, but today's Rotary Christmas Luncheon proved to be a much more satisfying way to spend a couple of hours on a wet windy Wednesday. Those lovely people at the Market Tavern have a habit of feeding us very well for a very reasonable fee, and today proved to be no exception. Catering for about 40 of us took a little longer than our usual meeting, but there was no rush and I think everyone enjoyed their meal. We made up only about 50% of the attendees - the remainder being made up of our guests from both Probus Clubs, Inner Wheel, Sandbach Crosses Rotary Club, Grace Milner ( last year’s Interact president ) and as Dave Lewis put it - "various wives and girlfriends" ( most of whom did appear to be with the correct "other half"! ) Grace was read by Ginny Lewis, and Howard Yates gave a short reply on behalf of the guests. Richard Hovey presented a cheque to Inner Wheel, following their wonderful help at the swimathonin last May, and this was accepted graciously by last year’s president Ginny Lewis. There was little other formality, the emphasis being on having an enjoyable time. Quote of the day came from Pauline Minshull who, when Bal's camera was taking an age to charge up said - "Come on Bal - Get Flashing". Another major achievement involved the plastic frog from Richard's cracker - 1st flick... to Andy Wilkie, 2nd flick from Andy back to Richard  ... 3rd flick Richard to.....Direct hit into Stuart's tea!  I'll bet he's good at snooker too! Before closing the meeting President Dave Lewis thanked Kevin and Steve (Market Tavern) and their staff for the excellent service they provide every week.   Well that's over for another year - it will be after Christmas by the time you read this so to one and all HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Tim Bramwell, Secretary