Another succesful fund raising event

The annual Christmas Bag packing raised over £300.




Saturday 17th December found a procession of worthy Rotarians and Inner Wheelers manning the checkouts at the Co-op in Elworth.   Unlike in previous years we didn't have plastic bags to fill due to the Government diktat forcing larger retailers to charge the princely sum of 5p each.  However, we did manage to help fill bags from M&S, Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Morrison's and many other national retailers.   Some of the more sturdy personal bags were of a type not seen since our childhood days when mum used to go shopping on a near daily basis.   However, sugar weighed out in blue bags and butter individually wrapped by the grocer was not in evidence

A total of £343 was raised from the shoppers donations for our International charity appeal including the Petty Pool project, for which many thanks must go to our Rotarians, Inner Wheelers, the Co-op and the shoppers from Elworth.

Stuart A Blackwell