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New President Looks For New Ideas

The Rotary Club of Chipping Sodbury recently celebrated its 60th anniversary and is the organisation behind the hugely popular Classic Car Run and the Sodbury Sportive.

John Berridge, newly appointed president of the Club said “Frankly, I’m delighted to be President of such a cracking club.

 “The great thing is that we have such a mix of talents, imagination - and that magic word enthusiasm – it enables us to take on a wide range of projects in the community.

 “These are very important to the club as they raise money for us to use to help people, groups and charities in need”, said John Berridge. “But the world is constantly changing and we are looking for new fundraising ideas that people will enjoy and that also allows us to help local causes”.

The various events run by the club raise annually around £30,000 and in the last year this has helped a variety of local causes such as the Sodbury Memory Café, an annual band concert for many of the lonely and isolated elderly and a number of local schools, from primary to comprehensive, have received grants for a variety of projects. One in particular helped to complete a fund raised by a local comprehensive school to send a team of students to Nigeria to help with a primary school in Kampala.

“I was particularly glad that we were able to help this and similar projects that benefit young people”, said John Berridge. “It is quite incredible to see the effect that it has on the students who come back so much more mature and self-confident”.

John Berridge, was born in North London, He gained a degree in sociology at Sheffield University and worked in Human Resources departments of a number of large companies including Granada and the Prudential. One of his aims for the next year is for the club to become an even bigger part of the life of the local community and that, in turn, the community should more easily understand that the club is there to help.

“We are a group who meet regularly and get on well together. The result is that we make good friends, both inside and outside the club, and come together on various projects. If anyone wants to find out what we do, or would like to help – or find out if we can help them - take a look at our website:”

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