A trip to unknown destinations

Rotarian Stuart Blackwell, our specialist in arranging Mistery Trips, organised yet another wondeful trip for some of our members and friends.

Mystery Trip No.11

On Monday 5th June an intrepid band of 11 Rotarians and partners went on Stuart's latest mystery trip to enjoy a day out while raising money for the British Heart Foundation at the same time.

The weather forecast gave rain, and was disappointingly accurate but this did not dampen our enthusiasm!  Oh and it was cold and windy too!  This was June, after all!

We started off as before on the 9.41 from Sandbach towards Manchester.  Our first disembarkation and tea/comfort break was at the Airport, which was very busy.  On to the tram link there to Deansgate.  From Deansgate it was a quick change of trams to Victoria.

From Victoria (refurbished since our last visit) we travelled to Piccadilly by tram and then took a train on a branch line to an undisclosed destination.  Apparently the scenery is lovely when the sun is out and the train windows are not steamed up but obviously we had to use our imaginations to appreciate this.  The carriages were rather old and Richard was most concerned that if there should be an accident requiring us to vacate the train the only means of escape would be via a wooden ladder.  Fortunately we didn't have to put this to the test and arrived at New Mills Central unscathed.  It was something of a surprise to me that New Mills warranted more than one station - what was the other one called?  New Mills International perhaps?  It turned out to be rather more mundane and it is New Mills Newtown.

We lunched in New Mills at a pleasant café for which we had pre-ordered our food.  It was all very tasty and much appreciated.  The café was called 'Llamedos' which made us think it was Welsh, but the manager said no: put the letters in reverse order and see what you get!  John H concluded that somebody must read Dylan Thomas, as he had named his village in Under Milk Wood using the same method. 

After a small perusal of the shops, some of us caught a bus to the Newtown Station, while the hardier members walked .6 mile or so.  Unfortunately there was some very heavy rain during their walk, so I was rather glad to be on the bus!

Yet another different line took us through a small part of Derbyshire and more Cheshire, alighting at Stockport.  Stuart had promised Afternoon Tea but what he really meant was a visit to McDonalds!  This was 'interesting' as customers were supposed to order their food and drink via touchscreens, but most of us found this a challenge too far and decided that a one-to-one over the counter was an easier method.

Then it was back to the station (more pouring rain!) and a Euston-bound train which fortunately stopped at Wilmslow.  From Wilmslow we caught another train which had come from Piccadilly via the airport.  And so back to Sandbach, having all had a good time in spite of the weather!  Thanks should be given to Stuart for organising the trip. 

Rtn. Rosemary Twidale