New members

Recently two businessmen from Sandbach joined our club as active members.

Our two new members


Alan Pierre

Alan Pierre was introduced by Bal and inducted as a member of the club on 7th June.

Alan moved to Sandbach from a little village called Penton Mewsey in Hampshire in 1968. He spent 40 years in the IT industry, starting his career at ICL Kidsgrove, and later worked for Do-it-All, Focus DIY and the Highways Agency. He is now self-employed as a distributor for a utility company, helping people save money on their various utility bills.

Alan has a number of interests and includes membership of the National Trust, RSPB, Institute of Advanced Motorists and CAMRA.

He says he also enjoys cycling, Rugby Union, gardening, cooking … and visiting the USA.

Alan spent his school years at an Armed Forces boarding school which he says was run on very strict military lines and which he enjoyed. He now wants to give back to the community, via Rotary, his time and use the experience he gained in his career. He says he enjoys helping people out and wishes to extend this across the community.

Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams was admitted to Rotary International and membership of the club by President Dave Lewis on 17th May.

In proposing Daniel, Bal Unnithan said that Daniel had long been familiar with Rotary, having for many years been brought to Rotary events by his grandfather, the late Rotarian Godfrey, and his grandmother, Inner Wheel member Maureen.

Daniel thanked Bal for proposing him and President Dave for accepting him into the club. He said that he had recently celebrated his 26th birthday and wondered whether the best part of his life was perhaps now behind him. He said that he had decided, now a member of Rotary, that the best part lay ahead.

By chance, the speaker at the lunchtime meeting was Maureen Williams, an honorary member of our Club, who took the opportunity to present Daniel with a pair of his grandfather’s Rotary cufflinks.

Daniel graduated in Physical Geography and Geology from the University of Plymouth four years ago. His intention was to seek a career in that field but since graduating has taken up the post of project manager at the family firm, Godfrey Williams and Son, Speciality Grocers, of Sandbach.

President Dave Lewis said that he was thrilled to be able to induct a member of the younger generation into the club and pointed out to Daniel that he had already made two significant achievements:  by probably being the youngest member of the club during the last 70 years and, at a stroke, considerably reducing the average age of the club!

Rtn. John Higgins (Publicity officer)