All proceeds will go to the Southmead Hospital Prostate Cancer Care Appeal

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Auction was a fabulous success, raising over £8,000.

Eddie Edward’s father was taken ill earlier in the day, so The Eagle didn’t get to land at Chipping Sodbury. Despite that, all went to plan, so huge thanks to all who helped in any way whatsoever. 




Rotary Club Auction Raises Over £8000 for Southmead Appeal


There were delighted faces at the Rotary Club of Chipping Sodbury last week following a highly successful auction that succeeded in raising over £8,000 for the Southmead Hospital Prostate Care Appeal.

The auction took place at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall and attracted almost two hundred people from a wide area. BBCTV presenter Alex Lovell was just one of the familiar faces attending the event that brought almost sixty lots under the hammer of auctioneer Nick Cragg.

Another of those present was Anthony Koupparis, consultant urological surgeon at Southmead Hospital.  Mr Koupparis,  an expert in robotic surgery, said, “This was a fantastic evening. Added to the £3,500 the club raised last year, the money raised here tonight will help to take us very close to our intended total of £2 million

One of the key supporters of the event was local businessman Richard Wiliams. His company, Williams Automobiles, contributed two sports cars – a Morgan and a Caterham – to the list of lots to be auctioned. 

“This is a subject very close to my heart” he explained. “My father died of prostate cancer and I have to have regular checks at Southmead for early symptoms.”. 

One of the attraction of the evening was the wide variety of Lots on offer. These ranged from jars of award-winning homemade marmalade, to gym membership, dinner and champagne for four, flying lessons and even champagne and flutes courtesy of Prince Charles.

“It was brilliant night that exceeded all our expectations”, said club President John Berridge. “There was a wonderful atmosphere in the hall and, by the end of the evening, some very generous people helped the hospital on its way maintaining its position as one of the UK’s leading centres of robotic surgery”.