Jul 2018 Visit & Tour of Kings' College Gardens & HANDOVER

Mon 16th July 2018 at 17.50 - 21.00

Tour fb a Meal & Handover at the Arundel House Hotel.

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Today we had a real treat - Head Gardener Steve Coghill took us on a tour of the beautiful Kings College Gardens, Cambridge, both sides of Queens Road.

His love of his work is very evident and his enthusiasm was catching.  He took us on a tour of the private Provosts Arts & Crafts Victorian Garden - all old roses and exotic leaf shapes - , then the topiary box hedges and the dry Clare Wall bed.  Then we were introduced to the mature trees and open lawns of the Fellows Garden which was hosting the latest Shakespeare Play in front of the long pergola and then the new Students Orchard was a mass of berries and fruit trees - what a knowledgeable and humerous guide !

5.50pm Met promptly at the Back Gate on Queens Road, Cambridge.

7.30pm This was followed by a meal at the Arundel House Hotel.

We celebrated the beginning of the new Rotary Year, acknowledged the hard work of the last year and the 2017-2018 Team handed over to the new 2018-2019 Team.

Congratulations All !

President Jan Cooper (our first lady president) hands over to President James Watts.

President Elect James Watts hands over to Amber Slamaite

Secretary Sian Franklin (our first lady secretary) hands over to Suzie Filmer.

Treasurer Roger Webster continues efficiently as ever in the role.

Trophies awarded by the President to recognise hard work throughout the past year :

Suzie Filmer won the Silver Plate for her patient and reliable work as Attendance Officer.

Richard de Horsey won the Cup for his 8 years as co-ordinator of our Monthly Memory Cafe.

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