Aug 2018 Peter Wadhams - Sailing Under the Ice Cap

Mon 20th August 2018 at 17.45 - 20.00

Speaker Host - Burman, Cashier/ General Host - Alan S.

Today we are lucky to have our very own Prof Wadhams to talk to us about his experiences and adventures as a Polar Scientist gathering data first hand from below the Ice Cap.

Studying the severe effects of global warming on the massive stores of fresh water in the polar ice cap is crucial to understanding the imperative need to take global action. The sea level rises that will result from the loss of the Ice Cap plus the lack of reflection of the Sun's energy will have devastating effects across the world. 

Intrepid Peter has been sampling ice data since 1971. during his PhD thesis - the only way to survey large areas during a visit is to tag a ride on navy submarines.  He has sampled the cramped and dangerous  conditions six times and survived severe arctic temperatures and even an explosion on board.  He has seen submarine design develope and improve and able to track the ice data more efficiently.  The current technique forms 3D colour images of ice thickness and combined with satellite area plotting results in very good data.

The results show a consistent reduction in ice volume that is gaining momentum - now less than a third of what was seen. Soon there will be no Summer ice at all.

Ideas for replacing the reflection of the heat of the sun now getting lost include drone equipment that floats in the seas and sprays sea water automatically into any low lying cloud.  This will brighten the clouds and increase their reflectivity.  The advantages of this system would be that it uses no power and it can be turned off if its effects are undesirable.

Peter is clear that ACTION MUST BE TAKEN NOW !

see his book A Farewell to Ice.

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