Oct 2018 Club Visit to the Cambridge Museum & Pub Meal

Mon 22nd October 2018 at 17.10 - 22.00

Partners & Guests Welcome. Organisers Alan F and David A.

Today we have a special opportunity - a Private Guided Tour of Cambridge (Folk) Museum followed by a tasty Pub Meal at The Castle Inn - BOOK by Sun 14th Oct 2018 with Alan F.

on Mon 22nd October from 5.10pm OR 5.40pm (see below)

Open to all our Rotary members and their guests.

Tour £5 (through your Rotary account) and Meal Cost (pay the pub on the day).

We have arranged for ‘after hours’ access and guided tours for 2 groups of 12-14 people.

Following the tour, many of us will head to the local Castle Pub for food and refreshments.

To allow us to co-ordinate the group tours, and reserve enough table-space at the pub - please book your space(s) by Sun 14th Oct by emailing       a42franklin@gmail.com 

Please indicate if you have a strong preference for which tour group you join.

Suggested parking options in the area :

              Free road parking on metered spaces around Castle Hill after 5pm.

              Pay/display at Castle Court & Shire Hall: see https://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/residents/travel-roads-and-parking/parking-permits-and-fines/parking/parking-in-shire-hall-and-castle-court-cambridge/ 

              Pay/display at Castle Hill: see https://www.cambridge.gov.uk/castle-hill-car-park 

The Museum Tour:

We will split into 2 groups of 12-14 people. 

A charge (£5 per person) for you and any guests will be taken from your Rotary account and paid to the museum.

Tours will be guided and led by our own David Adamson.

        5.10pm: 1st group meet at the museum (which closes to the public at 5pm)

         5.15 to 5.45pm: Guided tour followed by time to browse then head for the Castle Inn!

        5.40pm: 2nd group meet at museum

        5.45 to 6.15pm: Guided tour

        6.15 to 6.25pm: time to browse

        6.35pm: Museum locked up!

The Meal - at the Castle Inn (from 6pm) :

We have currently reserved tables upstairs for 20-24 people but will need to confirm final numbers the week before.

They do not want us to pre-order food. Basically you look at the boards above the bar, choose your food (and drink) then pay when you order.

Although the menu may change a bit in the next month, here are some examples of their range:

      Selection of baked potatoes       £4.95

      Selection of sandwiches              £5.00

      Main courses                                  £9 to £14.50

                      Eg Steak and Ale pie, chips, peas

                            Rump steak, chips and salad

                           Grilled Halloumi, Pomegranate salad, humus, toasted almonds

                           Sweet potato + chick pea curry, rice and samosas

       Desserts                                           £5 to £7

(ALL fields required)