Nov 2018 Speaker Madi Vora - Global Scholar fb Council Mtg.

Mon 12th November 2018 at 17.45 - 20.00

Meal & talk. FOOD BANK COLLECTION. Speaker Host - John H, General Host & Cashier - Mike. Youth Meeting 5.15pm. Council Meeting follows the Speaker.

Today Madi will talk about the topic of her very interesting Masters Thesis.

Rotary is hosting her year long stay in England while she studies.

FOOD BANK COLLECTION TODAY - Donations to David A or a Franklin please.

This time of year places a great demand on stocks.

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Tinned meats, vegetables, potatoes, rice pudding.

Instant coffee - small jars.

Jams and spreads.

Fruit Juices in 1 L boxes, Long Life.

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Cooking oil 500g bottles.

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