Mar 2019 Visit to CSAR @ Churchill College & a tasty Meal

Mon 4th March 2019 at 18.15 - 21.00

A tasty meal at 6.15pm then an interesting talk at 7.30pm. Organiser - Alan Franklin.


'How did we get here ? Reconstructing our ancient vertebrate ancestor.'

12 of us enjoyed the evening.

Tonight we had a change of pace and venue - we heard  about how the current genetic research, enabled by the latest big data, is tracking back to our common genetic ancestor.  We are all composed of varying amounts of mutation since that organism existed - knowing what the original genome looked like allows todays scientists to spot errors and anomolies and can lead to personal therapies to correct illness producing errors.  Aoife (pronounced 'Eefa') had an infectious enthusiasm for her work and her young team are doing ground breaking science.  A great lecture.

As part of the CSAR (Cambridge Society for Applied Research) lecture program this evening was all about genetics and DNA.

A top expert in her field, Prof Aoife McLysaght (from Trinity College, University of Dublin), gave a fascinating lecture in the Wolfson Hall, Churchill College Auditorium, Storeys Way, Cambridge - seen recently on TV co-presenting the brilliant and accessible Royal Academy of Science Xmas Lectures.

Parking on site or in local roads.

Cost (+/- a meal) - £5 for the Lecture (& light Refreshments), plus around £12 for a 2 Course Meal self service (pay at the till) - at student rates.

            Eat in the College Dining Hall and choose from a wide variety of cold & hot food :

Alan F and David A will meet you at 6.15pm at the lecture registration desk at bottom of main stairs (that go up to dining hall).

(walk through the Porters Lodge, down the main corridor - near end, on the right look for Alan & David).

Pay £5 to register for the lecture.

             To just have Coffee or Tea with biscuits before the Lecture :

Register at the desk, pay £5, then help yourself to free refreshments.

             7.20pm We all move into the Lecture Theatre and find a seat.

(ALL fields required)