Mar 2019 Visit to CSAR @ Churchill College & a tasty Meal

Mon 4th March 2019 at 18.15 - 21.00

A tasty meal at 6.15pm then an interesting talk at 7.30pm. Organiser - Alan Franklin.


'How did we get here ? Reconstructing our ancient vertebrate ancestor.'

Tonight we have a change of pace and venue.

As part of the CSAR (Cambridge Society for Applied Research) lecture program this evening is all about genetics and DNA.

A top expert in her field, Prof Aoife McLysaght (from Trinity College, University of Dublin), will give a fascinating lecture in the Wolfson Hall, Churchill College Auditorium, Storeys Way, Cambridge.

Parking is on site or in local roads.

Cost (+/- a meal) - £5 for the Lecture (& light Refreshments), plus around £12 for a 2 Course Meal self service ( pay at the till).

            To eat in the College Dining Hall :

Meet Alan F at 6.15pm at the lecture registration desk at bottom of main stairs (that go up to dining hall).

(walk through the Porters Lodge, down the main corridor - near end, on the right look for Alan).

Pay £5 to register for the lecture.

             To just have Coffee or Tea with biscuits before the Lecture :

Register at the desk, pay £5, then help yourself to refreshments.

             7.20pm We all move into the Lecture Theatre and find a seat.

(ALL fields required)