Lunch meeting at the Gonville Hotel

Tue 15th October 2019 at 13.00 -

David Cleevely CBE - 'Building a new type of Community' Host - Patsy Glazebrook; Cashier - Paul Henry; Reception - Mona Forsberg; Equipment/projection - Antony Warren

David writes: “When the “Cambridge Phenomenon” report came out in 1983 it changed my life.  I decided to found a consultancy – Analysys - here in Cambridge.  The success of Analysys lead to meeting many interesting people and together we developed a vision of a new kind of community based on networking and long term planning.  The results have been extraordinary. Cambridge is the most well connected city in the UK, and has some of the best economic analysis and forward thinking. I’ll describe some of that journey and why I believe the new kind of community we have created in Cambridge has contributed to its prosperity, and what more needs to be done.”