Demonstration of a Shelter Box

The aims of our International Committee are:

  • To support our own and District international projects
  • To monitor the international situation and respond to events
  • To seek opportunities for partnerships to address global issues
  • To grow in understanding through international collaboration and by engaging with visiting scholars
  • To explore new and to reinforce existing ties with international charities

Schemes that we have recently supported or are currently supporting include:
Aquabox:  a robust plastic tank packed with water purification tablets, each box can purify up to 1100 litres of polluted water
Shelterbox:  an emergency life saving box containing a tent, bedding, tools, cooking utensils, a children's activity pack,  etc.  One box and its contents  can provide shelter for up to 10 people.
Lend with Care:  Microfinance giving  a hand up not a hand out 
Freedom from Fistula:  Healing obstetric fistula caused by prolonged, obstructed childbirth through surgery
Hope and Homes for Children: Help for Children in Africa
Mercy Ships: Hospital ships to provide vital free health care to people in need maily in developing countries

The picture shows the demonstration of a shetlterbox.

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