World Peace Scholarship

Rotary Clubs throughout the Eastern Region are searching for applicants who would like to apply for a scholarship to spend a year at one of seven universities in the world to study conflict resolution, peace studies and international relations.

Rotary International is offering up to 60 World Peace Fellowships, tenable at seven leading universities in different parts of the world. The UK Fellowship will be at the University of Bradford in West Yorkshire. Three of the remaining six will be in the United States; with the others in Argentina, Australia and Japan.

The Fellowships provide holders with an opportunity to study for a Masters Degree focusing on preventing and resolving conflict by addressing the root causes. They will cover the following areas: responding to hunger with food security, disease with health care, illiteracy with education, poverty with sustainable development and environmental degradation with conservation.

Fellows will put theory into practice with applied field experience, working with a variety of governmental and non-governmental organisations world-wide. Fellowships will be awarded to candidates on the basis of their potential as leaders in government, business, education, the media and other professional areas.

The awards are part of Rotary's ongoing initiative to further global understanding and peace. Applications can be obtained by approaching one of the 77 clubs in the region.