Inner Wheel

Inner Wheel

Inner Wheel was formed 81 years ago and has 25,000 members in Great Britain and Ireland. The name Inner Wheel was chosen because of the strong connection with Rotary.

Inner Wheel has grown considerably over the years and is one of the largest women's organisations in the world, now operating in 100 countries with over 90,000 members in total.

Objects are to promote true friendship, to encourage the ideals of personal service and to foster international understanding. Members achieve this through many club social events combining fundraising, service, friendship and fun.

Membership is open to female relatives of Rotarians, Inner Wheel members and Rotaract, so if you have the right qualifications do come and join us and experience the special friendship and fun that we share together.


For information of Inner Wheel Clubs in your locality please contact our Headquarters : Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in GB & I, 51 Warwick Square, London, SW1V 2AT or telephone 020 834 4600 fax 020 7834 5600 e.mail - office hours are 09:30 to 16:30


North Fylde INNER WHEEL Fund Raising 13 May 2013 - raised over £600 for Sight Savers.