Rotary Foundation

What is Rotary Foundation

The Powerhouse of Funding throughout Rotary, locally and internationally

Foundation is the primary funding source for projects initiated throughout the world by Rotary clubs. Its own funds are generated by donations etc. from clubs and the money then invested to provide an income and capital growth. Projects supported by Foundation tend to be those of a long-term and permanent nature e.g. to provide necessary infrastructure to enable the host clubs to meet the needs of their chosen projects and, with "hands on" support and not just funds, to ensure that the projects are sustainable to meet on-going requirements ( immediate money for crises such as floods, hurricane damage etc. are raised usually by the Club in the affected community and other charity organisations). The benefits provided by Foundation, both by cash and volunteer help from members, can provide assistance where other resources may not be available e.g. in an impoverished community. As far as Rhyl Rotary is concerned, the main on-going Foundation project is to provide much needed equipment to a children's hospital in Nigeria, a country with very limited resources allocated to child care. This project was instigated by one of our members with a connection to two doctors from Glan Clwyd hospital who voluntarily give their time and assistance by visiting the hospital. Other projects helped by Rhyl Foundation include Rotary International's "Polio Plus" initiative to completely eradicate polio which, unfortunately, is still prevalent in some third world countries. Foundation are fortunate enough to be partnered by the Gates Foundation who match money spent by Rotary to provide immunisation medicine and the resources to administer it (an example of not just providing money but also ensuring it is used to meet the need). Foundation is Rotary's "financial powerhouse" supported worldwide by Rotary clubs from every participating nation and provides the money to support Rotary's motto of "Service above Self". Rhyl Foundation continues to seek out worthwhile causes to support and is currently looking at a number of local projects that may not have the resources to obtain the required support themselves.