Wed 26th February 2014 at 18.45 - 20.30

Tonight’s speaker introduced by Graham Payne was Colin Gray of Police Scotland speaking about ‘Resilience Planning’.

After a video clip review of major 2011 disasters (Japan, Christchurch, Philipines, Turkey etc), Colin focused on the more local situation and his role in the preparation of generic response plans. He emphasised that the focus was on the consequences of disasters and being prepared. At a local level he used the Culter Community Council (represented By Judy Dack) as an example of a group preparing a local plan. He gave advice to them, spoke about the role of volunteers and partnership with professional bodies eg police, fire and rescue etc.etc. The local community would provide support to the professional services eg opening community facilities, providing tea and sympathy for survivors etc.

Overall the plans would provide guidance on preserving life, minimise disruption, warn and inform and promote recovery.

A lively Q&A session followed, ably handled by Colin.

The Vote of Thanks was given by David Fryer.