The Bury Abbey Rotary Hiking Club

We enjoy the outdoors, good food, good wine and beer and good company. We meet on the first Sunday of every month.

A group of us from Bury Abbey Rotary Club got together one Sunday to go for a walk, after which we adjourned to a local pub for some lunch. We all  enjoyed ourselves so much that we decided to make it a regular event, meeting on the first Sunday of the month.

We are an informal group with a 'come along if you can' attidude. The walks will be about 10km (7 miles) in length and we allow up to three hours to do each walk to accommodate all abilities. Details of each walk will be published about a week beforehand and those wishing to come along need just email the organiser. We do not need to hear from you if you are not going to turn up, so no stress having to send apologies etc.

We are not a closed group and anyone can come along. Just let the organiser know in good time so we can book a table at the local pub.

So; watch this space!