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Membership/ Club Membership Remit


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Club Membership Remit

The Rotary Club of South Queensberry has an active and vibrant membership. The remit of the Membership committee is to focus on strengthening membership, ensuring the effective functioning of the club and increasing membership.

It is important that opportunities to allow prospective members to consider joining the club are identified on a regular basis. This will help to keep the club membership fresh and at optimum levels

The membership convener and his/her team undertake to meet with prospective new members on an informal basis, to explain the Objects of Rotary and give a general description of what Rotary is all about and to answer any questions prospective members might have. Prospective Rotarians may bring a spouse/partner along if desired and his sponsor will also attend the meeting

The Membership Convener and his/her team are also available to members who might have questions and queries on any aspect of Rotary.and they should also :

  • Provide updates, including photos where appropriate, on club events both social and business to promote the work of the club to perspective new members 
  • Hold an annual membership evening to attract new members to the club
  • Seek opportunities to promote the club at publicity events throughout the year
  • Ensure information on club committee membership and key role holders is kept current
  • Provide regular reports to relevant club committees ie Club Council, Admin Meetings etc, on membership activities and relevant membership drives
  • Monitor existing membership levels to ensure they are commensurate with club requirements
  • Meet with perspective members and introduce them to other members to ensure they feel  welcome and gain a positive experience of the club and its values
  • Attract men and women of all ages and from all walks of life to be members