Fellowship Weekend

Stirk House, Gisburn, was the destination for this year's Fellowship Weekend

Stirk House, Gisburn, was the destination for this year's Fellowship Weekend. Twenty nine Rotarians and partners were scheduled to attend the event but our numbers were sadly depleted by the absences, because of illness, of Graham and Jill Bird. It seems this is the first Fellowship Weekend they have missed. They were both in our thoughts over the weekend.

Arrangements were in the capable hands of Robin Richmond and it is good to know that Robin had such faith in the ability of the party to remember what they had ordered that he had the details printed on two separate sheets. This information proved very useful when, on the first night, starters appeared to the cries of "I would never have ordered that". You can be sure that if Robin had written it down that is what you were having. 

It is right to acknowledge that the food over the weekend was very good with particular praise for the breakfast which provided the most extensive menu many of us had ever seen. The same could perhaps not be said of the drinks and wines. Knowing the penchant of many Rotarians to enjoy fine wine it was disappointing that several wines listed on the Hotel wine list were unavailable. 

Saturday provided the opportunity for a day out to pursue individual interests. Clitheroe, Skipton and Kirby Stephen were among the places visited. Some people opted for a healthy walk. Much to Jackie's disappointment someone told me that you could reach Blackpool in forty minutes and so that was our destination for the day. A tram ride, a walk on the promenade and a stick of rock provided the ingredients for a perfect day out -  at least for me.

Of course most of us wanted to get back early to watch England play Wales. With a full hotel we wondered if we would be able to get into the Television Lounge. Have no fear Robin told us it’s booked in our name.  True enough when we arrived back Robin was standing guard and denying access to anyone having the temerity to ask if they could come in. You do not argue with Robin ( previous experience with the meal orders made that clear).

Saturday night was a very happy occasion. Most of us celebrating an England win and then being tested by Moray's quiz which provided a light hearted end to the evening's proceedings.

Sadly Sunday brought a parting of our company but it had been a really enjoyable weekend. Rich in banter and true rotary fellowship. Very sincere thanks must go to Robin for his organisation of the weekend. Without his attention to detail the weekend would not have gone as smoothly. Let's hope that the Fellowship Weekend remains an important feature of our annual programme.