Speaker Evening

Thu 25th August 2016 at 18.45 - 20.45

Alistair Pryde - Photography. Raffle - Liz Mackenzie. Reception - Stuart Ridge / Alistair Rarity

On Thursday 25th August photography was the theme at the Rot6ary Club of South Queensferry.  Photographer Alistair Pryde, who operated from 48 High Street, South Queensferry was the evening's speaker. Alistair, who judges the club's most recent photographic competition is one of the most noted photographers in the district with experience in all aspects of the art. He is ideally placed to give advice and encouragement. While digital cameras have simplified many of the technical aspects of taking a picture, automatically adjusting for light conditions and distance, the secret of good photography still lies in composition, approach to the subject and that inspiration, influenced by experience, that can transform an ordinary picture into a classic shot. These principles were excellently illustrated by Alistair's beautiful presentation which naturally prompted many questions from the floor.

The speaker was introduced by Stuart Ridge. The vote of thanks was proposed by Alistair Rarity.