Maidenhead Bulb Planting

Sat, Nov 19th 2016 at 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Eradicating Polio Actions

Making a colourful splash with 5,000 purple crocuses to promote the campaign to Eradicate Polio.

On Saturday, a team of volunteers from Maidenhead Thames Rotary Club, Maidenhead Waterways Group and the new volunteer group ‘Friends of Maidenhead’ teamed up and had a great time planting 5,000 purple crocuses between the superb new Amphitheatre and the Library overlooking the stream and the new proposed footbridge. 

The picture shows just some of the happy bunch of helpers that took part. The purple Crocus planting is to highlight Rotary’s global campaign to finally achieve a Polio free world. The colour purple represents the purple dye used to mark the finger of a child who has been immunised and over 2.5 billion children have received vaccinations.

So far in 2016 there has been only 18 cases in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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