Speaker Evening

Thu 19th January 2017 at 18.45 - 21.00

Anne Reid Memories and Memory. Raffle: Charlie Wright. Reception: Enrico Prentice / Drew Graham.

Junior Vice President Sandy Mackenzie chaired a speakers night at the Rotary Club of South Queensferry on Thursday 19th January. Speaking Lives was the subject, and speaker Anne Reid explained how this organisation employs professional oral historians who record audio 'life story' reminiscences. Thanks to the internet, genealogy is exceedingly popular. Anne offers an effective way to complement factual family information with real stories and recollections from older family members in a form which can be archived for future generations. While her company offers a professional service, Anne parted with many tips on how people can bring their family tree to life themselves. Among other things she suggested copying and identifying family photographs, taking them to occasions where older family members were present and using them to trigger memories. Simply noting down stories gives a record for the future, but audio recording brings the sound of a person's voice relating unique memories. Speaking Lives provides specially trained interviewers who make discreet recordings in a quiet place using a series of specially prepared questions and memory prompts and produces CD or mp3 files. Such recordings can be used for family archives or as part of a care package to help people with dementia have a more meaningful interaction with family, friends and carers. To find out more about Speaking Lives, visit: www.speakinglives.com

In other business, Junior Vice President Sandy read a letter from Keith Giblett on behalf of Christmas in Queensferry thanking the club for its involvement  in and support of the event. Without Queensferry Rotary Club, wrote Keith, Christmas in Queensferry would not take place.

Stuart Ridge announced that club members had raised