Crocus planting for Purple4Polio

To celebrate World Polio Day on 24 October, Rutherford joined other Cambridge Rotary Clubs to raise public awareness of the continuing fight to eradicate Polio from the World

Rotary’s ‘End Polio Now’ campaign has been running for over 30 years and has been a great success - only a handful of cases are being reported in the last three countries to become Polio-free, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

Funds raised by Rotary are tripled by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with a total of $108M jointly raised in 2015-16.  Mass immunisation of children in these countries is ongoing and to ensure that all children are covered, each child dips their finger in purple dye to get a “purple pinkie”!

The four Cambridge Clubs have joined Rotary’s national campaign Purple4Polio – in conjunction with the Royal Horticultural Society - by buying a total of 40,000 purple crocus bulbs, which are being planted in November on Queen's Green with Cambridge City Council, also at the new Arthur Rank Hospice site at Shelford Bottom, Nightingale Avenue Community Garden and Barrington Primary School - the results of these efforts should become very evident in the Spring!

The Cambridge Rutherford Crocus Planting Group, comprising Messrs Francis, Chrebelski, Tydeman, Hervey-Murray, Breen, Motts and Robinson are pictured in action below with other volunteer planters.