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Scout Camp

Scouts Winter Camp at Chalfont Heights 2017


1st Iver Scouts using their Paella cooker for the first time at Chalfont Heights campsite.  The Rotary Club of Langley and Iver allocated funds collected during their 2016 Santa Street Collections to purchase the cooker.  With a thriving group the Iver Scouts needed to be able to cook enough food to feed everyone in one session. “Trying to cook bangers, bacon and eggs for nearly thirty with our old pans was becoming difficult”.  “ Having this new cooker makes the task quicker, safer and cuts down on the washing up”.  

Braving a freezing snowy night under canvas in February tests the metal of the Scouts and their leaders. Leader Duncan Copas can be seen spatula in hand cooking a warming breakfast for the troops.  I doubt the Spanish when they designed the Paella pan ever thought it would be used in freezing weather on the Chiltern Hills UK.