Duty Roster

Date, Welcome Host and presenter of the Vote of Thanks in that order

Members, please note that if you are unable to attend on your assigned Duty night it is your responsibility to arrange a swap with another member in good time - preferably persons immediately before or after you. Please ensure the Secretary is informed of the change.

Date   Host  Vote of thanks
 6  John Enos  Robin Magee
 13  Margaret Kirkwood  Tom McKellar
 20  Jon Herd  George Miller
 27  Duncan Paterson  Gerry Smyth
 5  Mike Kiriakakis  Iain Shaw
 12  Alastair Crabb  Willie Stewart
 19  Bill McGregor  James Adams
 26  David Hill   Jim McCulloch
 2  Doug Grant  Margaret Clark
 9  Fred Orr  Margaret Kirkwood
 16  Lesley Craig  John Enos
 23  Robin Magee  Jon Herd
 30  George Miller  Duncan Paterson

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