PEACE Umbrella Project

COMING SOON - our peace project

The Peace Umbrellas have been designed to be a powerful reminder of the need to create an awareness whoever we are, whatever we do and wherever we come from to promote PEACE to the world and to the billions of people, who also seek it – irrespective of their language, race, religion, culture and nationality.

PEACE is a global concern, Rotary International is a global organisation and

‘Peace and Conflict Resolution’ is one of Rotary International’s six areas of focus.

The Peace Umbrellas for men and women are therefore a reflection of the fact that ‘Peace’ is universal and proclaimed in many languages.

 And although Rotary has eight official languages, billions of people all over the world might not understand this vitally important message unless it is also given in their native languages and scripts.

 The Peace Umbrella Project is therefore proud to reflect Rotary’s worldwide presence by putting all the languages of UN member nations and many indigenous peoples on the Peace Umbrellas to show that Rotarians are promoting ‘Peace the World’ over and echoing the ardent desire for peace by all peoples on this earth.

 In doing so we will also give others the chance to become Ambassadors of Peace for their own people by using the Peace Umbrellas.

The Peace Umbrella Project Team:
Karin-Beate Phillips – Concept and Realisation
Abi Wright - Artwork and Graphic Design
Brigitte Faubert – Licencing, Marketing and Liaison

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COMING SOON - our peace project

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