Trinity Makes Music - of a sort!

A lesson in music

It came as a bit of a surprise to Trinity members when they met recently - they were faced with their normal meeting turning into a Music Lesson!!

Jessica Berners who is a peripatetic teacher with the Norfolk County Council who in her usual role takes the ukulele and other instruments round the schools to teach infant and junior children how to read and play music. On this occasion she came to talk to the Club and introduced the members to the art of playing the ukulele. The Rotarians are a little longer in the tooth than her usual students so it was undoubtedly a bit of a challenge for Jessica to get them making music.

Jessica is well known to the Club as someone who helps make things happen at our annual Schools Make Music project at the Corn Exchange every March and President Adrian commented that "Jessica is a star - she works tirelessly and enthusiastically with children in lots of schools, enriching their education and development. She makes a vital contribution to Schools Make Music for which we are very grateful"

However, don't espect the Trinity Ukulele Band to become stars of the music scene any time now!