Our Community and vocational work

Above: Supporting Friendship House

Our Community and Vocational Work

Rotary Clubs have several informal committees or groups to discharge their functions. Community and Vocation is one of them. Each group has a small budget which comprises of monies raised by the Club throughout the year.

As Community lead for Hatfield over the past five years I have tried to move away from the traditional mode of responding to requests for money from the community at large to a more proactive and needs based approach. This is not to say that we never respond to requests for help. Indeed we do but looking at the community and its needs in the round is in my view a better use of scarce resources.

A knowledge of the community needs is based on our work in the community and the input at Club meetings from my fellow Rotarians. Community needs are not static. It is important to remember that there are number of committees in club which have a community role and interrelate namely : Youth and International.

Examples of this approach can be seen over the past four years

  • Food Bank

The overall need is epitomised by the Food Bank who help families in need. Informed by the Trussell Trust at National level and from our own local food bank(s). We make regular donations to them particularly in times of special need e.g. School Holidays and Christmas.

  • The Elderly

Specific support in relation to the elderly has been a recurring theme 

(A) Support to Friendship House in the provision of after lunch speakers throughout last year.

(B) taking a leading role in running a light opera concert specifically for the elderly

(C) supporting a coffee house meeting place for dementia sufferers (provision of music centre)

  • The Young

Notwithstanding the Youth Committee's role in schools. Helping to provide a Saturday Club for special needs youngsters to have time to themselves. Sadly Local Authorities have been unable to keep up the funding for some local organisations. We do not have the funds to replace Local Authority funding but have on a number of occasions helped out to address small shortfalls

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