Rotary equips preschool in Sierra Leone - Coronavirus update

Photo update of start and progress. Also listen to an enthusiastic interview with our Project Leader, Nurse Lynn Adlington + See Rotary Round-up bulletin's report

Cirencester Rotary Club has pledged its support to a proposed project in Sierra Leone to rebuild pre-school buildings that will benefit over 250 local children aged 3-5 years. The pre-school they currently attend has deteriorated to the point where the classes have no roofs and the toilet blocks have fallen apart.

Madina is a small town in the Tonko Limba region of Sierra Leone, located near to the border with Guinea and comprising around 4000 residents. The Help Madina charity was founded in 2009 by Dr Veronica Sawicki and her husband Dr Rohit Sethi from Cirencester and has provided much-needed provision of medical clinics and eye, dental and diabetes care. It has also provided water wells, improved sanitation and help for local schools (more details at

Cirencester Rotarian and nurse Lynn Adlington travelled to Madina in October 2017 as one of a group of healthcare volunteers and spent two weeks providing education and health support to local residents.

SEE the Children in Action at the renovated School - 2 videos:



By: Mohamed Daffae, Media and Public Relations -  ‘Help Madina’

Help Madina took our sensitization tour to Thambie, Kasoria, Kabat Limba and Kasumleh villages and all in Tonko limba. Thambie is the first big village you visit after coming from Karene district that has porous borders with Guinea through Tambakha Chiefdom. Thambie has a very big market that was attracting thousand traders across the country and the neighbouring countries both Guinea and Liberia. The town Chief of Thambie, Pa Komrabaia Conteh told us that the market has closed and has instructed the military at the point to stop all business people from coming to the town as they are the gateway to Tonko limba. 

We appreciate the work of Help Madina for thinking about them and especially him ( the Chief) who had never got a Veronica bucket and people are coming to him most of the time for disputes. The presence of military and police is high at the town and the town is giving all support they need to prevent the village from the coronavirus.

Kasoria, which has the Peripheral Health Unit (PHU) has over 10 catchment villages and the nurse, Mrs Ann Musa, complained that the pregnant women and lactating mothers are not coming to make use of the facility. Some villagers are alledging the nurses that they have been paid for them to infect people with the virus. She has informed the town Chief, Pa Abdulia Kamara of Kasoria to encourage the surrounding villages to make use of the health centre as there are enough medicine for children at under five, pregnant women and even adult that have many disease conditions that may die at home. The Help Madina team educated them on all the IPC to follow in order to prevent themselves from the coronavirus. The Chief commended the team for such gesture as they will make very good use of them. The village has never been visited by any organization to sensitize them on the coronavirus except Help Madina Sierra Leone.

The team also made a visit at Kabat Limba and Kasumleh villages that has never been visited for education and no Veronica bucket is given to them. We educated them thoroughly and for them to know that we paid them visit for them to realize that they are part of Tonko limba and they need to have benefit from hHelp Madina. Indeed the people testified we are the first people to make them have a clear understanding  about the coronavirus and they appreciate the Help Madina gesture.

Many villages in Tonko Limba need serious education as many people don't know about the virus and there are a lot of misconception about the coronavirus. We need to explore more and Target the Traditional Healers about secret treatment of patients locally that may invite the virus in their community as it happen during the time of the Ebola period.

Thanks to the help Madina Sierra Leone Team and the Help Madina UK for the support.


See Rotary Round-up bulletin's report:

Listen to an enthusiastic interview with our Project Leader, Nurse Lynn Adlington from 1 minute 40 seconds to 11 minutes 26 seconds.

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