Our Endowment Fund at the Wiltshire Community Foundation

Giving money and support to the people in Swindon & district who need it most

Our Named Endowment Fund at the Wiltshire Community Foundation (WCF) works like a charitable trust but without the need for us to appoint trustees or handle the investments and administration  

WCF Named Funds are subject to a minimum investment of £5,000 and a commitment to support the WCF's general grant making. Funds reaching £20,000 or more, such as ours, can be used to support issues and areas of the investor's choosing. We have stated that ours is restricted for use in the Swindon area only.

A total of £22,955 in donations was made to our Fund between 2001 and 2020 and the balance of our Fund as at 31 March 2020 is £23,180.56

Some 15 grants totalling just over £3,600 have been made from it since 2015.

Our Fund Statement for the year ending 31st March 2020

Our Fund Statement for the year ending 31st March 2019

Some of the groups which the Rotary Club of Swindon North has helped through its Endowment Fund at WCF are

  • Reach Inclusive Arts - £125 towards a £5,000 foundation grant – providing opportunities for people with learning disabilities or mental health issuesFunding contributed towards salary costs 
  • Phoenix Enterprises - £75 towards a £5,000 foundation grant – providing supported employment to people with a range of disabilities and mental health problemsFunding contributed towards salary costs 
  • Swindon Youth for Christ - £150 towards a £5,000 foundation grant – for projects tackling anti-social behavior, relationships, crime and self-esteem. Funding contributed towards employing a youth worker to run sports projects in 
  • Swindon Discovery Church Swindon - £150 towards a £4,931 foundation grant. Providing a debt counselling service and life skills courses which are offered to anyone in difficulty with debt or facing other challenges 
  • Wiltshire Sight - £150 towards £4,070 foundation grant – supporting people with sight loss in Swindon. Paid for assistive technology in Swindon to offer advice and introduce people to the ever-increasing range of equipment to help those with sight loss remain independent. 
  • Friends of Abbey Meads School - £500 towards £5,000 foundation grant supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable families with young children – specifically helping parents suffering from poor mental health or domestic abuse 
  • Highworth Youth Nexus - £185.83 towards £4,806 foundation grant - running a weekly drop in and social space for young people in Highworth town centre. Funding provided mentoring for young people at the local secondary school, Highworth Warneford, and to run healthy living group activities from the café for a range of young people 
  • Swindon Vixens - £89.27 towards £4,000 foundation grant - a netball club for people with learning disabilities, the only one in the South West. The club meets weekly to learn to play netball and form friendships in a safe and welcoming environment. Funding will cover coaching, premises and equipment costs. 
  • Wiltshire Law Centre - £175.41 towards £3,553 foundation grant – providing free legal advice and representation to people on low income, particularly relating to debt, welfare claims or housing issues. Funding is for ongoing training for their solicitors and advisors and to enable their trainee solicitor to qualify. 
  • SUNS - £251.03 towards £5,000 foundation grant - providing support and advocacy for people with mental health issues in Swindon through regular drop in sessions and on the phone through their Listening Line service. Funding towards the cost of rent for their premises in Swindon. 
  • The Olive Tree Café - £367.18 towards £5,000 foundation grant - supports people’s mental health by providing work opportunities. Funding the costs of training for the café volunteers. 
  • Pathfinders Swindon - £135 towards £2,000 foundation grant - The organisation seeks to promote the personal development of disabled young people and adults through the delivery of a programme of challenging activities. The grant supported the costs of a residential trip in the Lake District. 
  • Prime Theatre Company - £350
  • Swindon Therapy Centre for MS - £270
  • Swindon Family Contact Centre - £138.29

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