An Entertaining Speaker

Would you like someone to come and provide your organisation with a talk?

Our Nonsuch Rotary member Peter Stammers regularly gives talks on a variety of subjects and is very willing to provide one for local organisations. They last some 30 to 50 minutes and are presented using Powerpoint. A small fee is asked which is donated to the charities supported by Nonsuch Rotary.

A particular relevant talk for 2020 is: "How did World War 2 end in Europe?" Why didn't the war in Europe end before 1945? How were thousands of fanatical die-hard Nazis with nothing to lose "persuaded" to stop fighting? What was the crutial contribution of an Ice Cream salesman, and who stopped Soviet troops from entering Denmark? This would be a particularly interesting topic for 2020 - the 75th anniversary of the ending of the war.

Other topics include "Going to War in Style" - the Roman Army on the March, Crossing the Atlantic by Air, How did we win the Battle of Britain?, Those Magnificient Ladies in their Flying Machines, Galileo and the Pope - Who was right?, History of Jokes, Who needs Time? & Einstein and Relativity.

Full list available on request: Contact Peter on 01737 362654

or email: