GRANT APPLICATION FORMS Grant Application Forms and Advice on completing them can be found below.

Grant Applications


In partnership with Seaford Rotary we have re-introduced our Grant Application scheme. The purpose of this is to support individuals and organisations in our community in a way which will raise aspirations, engender community spirit, assist those in need, or improve the natural environment. Grants are potentially available for individuals and community benefit organisations within Seaford, including Bishopstone and Alfriston.


Because of Covid-19 restrictions, we will only be able to receive requests by electronic means.


Please find information on applying for a grant via the link below

Grant Advice Note

If you have a suitable project that we may be able to help with, the link to the application form in PDF format is below. 

Grant application form (PDF)_

Or if you prefer here is a Word version for you to download

Grant Application Form (Word)